Welcome to MAIKERU Electro Tech Corp

Where our MISSION is to provide the most in demand quality products and it's related services in the market to our valued customer.

Maikeru Electro Tech Corporation, a private company established and registered with SEC on May 30, 2022. Founder of the Company started operating business in year 2004 under Renzo Miguel Store as Sole Proprietor. Because of hard work and perseverance, the company was able to reached the highest peak of success. During four years of becoming exclusive distributor of Sky Direct in Quezon, Marinduque and Laguna Area, the company was able to surpass sales expected performance given to the company. Therefore, company had received numbers of recognition and awards every each performance review. However, the company faced the most challenging moment of its existence when shut down of ABS-CBN Corporation was implemented. NTC likewise ordered to stop the operations of Sky Direct. What had happen became challenged to the company, instead we did not stop nor discouraged. The company had planned and generated best ideas in business to overcome obstacles and learn from struggles for success in the future. We did not focus on the problem rather we had successfully deal with it and control it. Even coping with pandemic effect, the company managed to established strategy to become productive. Thus, to be able to deliver broad-scope of products and services, Maikeru Electro Tech Corporation was born.

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